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Apple TrackPad Approved By US Telecom Watchdog

The US Federal Communications Commission has approved documents cocerning a new Apple product nick-named the 'Trackpad', tech news site Softpedia reports.

Apple’s device, also known as Magic Trackpad, Magic Slate, or a Magic Pad, does not have an official name as yet, but carries the official model number A1339.

According to the documents, the device is defined as a "Bluetooth Trackpad".

Having received FCC approval, and with testing having been completed back in October 2009, industry experts are speculating that the device could be launched in the near future. Tech blog Engadget speculates that the device could be "announced as early as this week."

Engadget also says that a person who claimed to be personally testing the device believes that it will allow handwriting recognition.

The multi-touch peripheral is designed for use with Apple’s desktops and is expected to be a better, more advanced version of the trackpad used on the company's MacBook laptop computers.