BlackBerry Storm 3 details have been leaked

Research In Motion's upcoming Storm 3 handset has been leaked in a presentation, with details capture on an image that outlays what features and functionality the new device might have.

An image has appeared on the technology website Engadget which goes on to show, although in somewhat of a blurry captured picture, what the new handset will feature and how it differs from the Storm 2 launched last year.

The training presentation slide notes the new BlackBerry handset will only have a minor hardware overhaul, with no major differences in appearance between the Storm 2 and 3 - judging by the image shown.

Brought in from the recent BlackBerry Perl 3G is the ability to access a 802.11n WIFI network, which was first seen in that candy bar designed phone. The RAM appears to have been doubled, from 256 to 512MB that will serve the applications running on the handset and the camera has gone from 3.1 megapixel camera, to a 5MP.

The operating system on the mobile phone appears to have had a refresh too, moving from OS 5 to the new BlackBerry version 6 - which we brought you news of last week. The most surprising addition is at the base of the captured image, which is the inclusion of a mobile hotspot application and is another term for MIFI.


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