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China Satisfied With Google Search Tweaks

The Chinese government has announced that it is satisfied Google now complies with Chinese law, after the search giant altered the way it directs users to an unfiltered search page.

According to the Press Association, Zhang Feng, a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced in a press conference on Tuesday that Google has promised to "obey Chinese law" and not direct users to information that can be deemed as a threat to the harmony of the nation and its people.

Zhang said that the "rectification and reform" polices cited by Google in its licence renewal application were in line with Chinese law.

The spokesman said: "The rectification and reform in the annual application basically conforms to regulation."

Beijing Guxiang Information Technology, the company that carries out Google's operations in China, had announced that its ICP licence to operate in China had been renewed on 9 July after it agreed to "abide by Chinese law" - including a commitment to "ensure the company provides no law-breaking content, as stipulated in the 57th statement in China's regulations concerning telecommunications".

Google has said that under the new agreement it will continue to offer music downloads, a translation service and e-commerce - but has announced that it will be dropping its partnership deal with social network Tianya, as Google aims to start up its own service.