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Facebook User Satisfaction At All-Time Low

A new study has rated the satisfaction of users on social networking site Facebook as "abysmal".

The Wall Street Journal reports that according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) e-business report, developed jointly by the University of Michigan’s Business School and marketing research analysts ForeSee Results, Facebook scored 64 out of 100 points, finishing up lower than the sites used for filing tax forms to the US taxman.

Facebook came second to last in the survey of 30 online companies, pipped only by rival MySpace, which scored 63 points.

The survey included Internet reference site Wikipedia, which scored 77 points; online media site You Tube, 73; Microsoft’s search engine Bing, 77; Yahoo, 76; AOL, 74; and, 73.

"Facebook is a phenomenal success, so we were not expecting to see it score so poorly with consumers. Our research shows that privacy concerns, frequent changes to the Web site, and commercialization and advertising adversely affect the consumer experience,” said Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results.

"Compare that to Wikipedia, which is a non-profit that has had the same user interface for years, and it's clear that while innovation is critical, sometimes consumers prefer evolution to revolution," he added.