Filemaker Pro goes mobile

Popular Mac and Windows database application Filemaker Pro has been squeezed onto Apple's iPad and iPhone, and the software's maker reckons the mobile versions can do everything their big brother can. Sort of.

Filemaker Go is currently available for download from the iTunes App Store at £12 for the iPhone version or £24 if you have an iPad, which some might see as a little overpriced considering the software will do precisely nothing unless you have a full version of the desktop software which costs a minimum of £220 for a nine-user version and up to £2,200 if you want unlimited seats.

You can't create new databases with the mobile versions, but you can update entries live using either Wi-Fi or 3G. The apps can cope with databases created in Filemaker Pro back as far as version 7 with no fiddling, and layouts look exactly the same as they do in the full-blown software (just a bit smaller, obvioulsy).

Any changes made on an iDevice to a live-linked database will be automatically pushed to the host database and vice versa.

Filemaker Go supports all of the usual Apple interface refinements including pinch to zoom, swiping and tapping, and will switch from portrait to landscape views as you rotate the device.

The software is available now and works on any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS4 as well as both flavours of iPad.