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Intel Likely To Escape Anti-Trust Fine

Intel looks likely to escape an antitrust fine after reaching an agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), news agency Reuters reported on Monday.

The FTC had accused Intel of unfairly harming market competition in December last year, following complaints by rival chip makers that the company had used overly aggressive tactics to market its products.

According to the news report, close sources have said that Intel has settled the case with the FTC, under which the company would have to extend the changes agreed in its November settlement with AMD.

Under the settlement, Intel, which manufactures 80 per cent of the world's CPUs, will have to restrict the discounts it offers on its both graphics cards and central processing units.

A finalised decision is due to be made by the deadline on Friday, although the date could be pushed back if both parties wish to continue discussing the matter.

"Discussions are ongoing, and we have nothing more to add at this point," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. The FTC declined to comment.