Intel's Slowest CPUs Used In World's Fastest Car

Intel Atom processors, which power netbooks and other light performance devices, will be used in the forthcoming Bloodhound project, one which aims at pushing a car to travel on land at 1000mph.

Four 1.6GHz Atom processors, specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions, will be used to power the car, which looks like an F-16 fighter plane without wings.

Each of the processors will be in charge of calculations behind the car's hybrid propulsion systems. The fourth processor will act as the maestro and will relay information to the driver in the cockpit via an internal SSD.

Another four will be manning the control systems that maintain the car's stability, something that is critical if the driver, Andy Green is to succeed his record breaking attempt and survive the ordeal.

The Atom was apparently chosen because of its "power-saving, performance and resilience", which again is surprising given that the Atom is currently the slowest processor in Intel's family (outside any embedded models).

128 Intel server processors, namely Xeon 5500 Series, have been used to power the aerodynamics system as part of a partnership the semiconductor giant had with the Bloudhound SSC project.