Microsoft To Launch Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle For £249.99

Microsoft has announced today that it will be selling a cut down version of the newly released Xbox 360 Slim together with the Kinect Sensor and a games package known as the Kinect Adventures for £249.99.

The new console is like its big brother except that it carries a 4GB internal flash memory rather than a 250GB hard disk drive. The "lite" model still comes with Wi-Fi N connectivity, touch-sensitive buttons, the same gorgeous matt black finish and will carry a suggested retail price of £149.99.

The Kinect bundle will be made up of the motion controller and Kinect Adventures, a set of 20 adventures games, which will cost £129.99 on its own.

Buying both the console and the bundle therefore costs £20 than getting them separately. Microsoft has said that other games such as the "Kinectimals", "Kinect Sports" and "Kinect Joy Ride" will go on sale for £39.99 each.

Kinect is compatible with an estimated 40 million Xbox 360 gaming consoles worldwide and should be available in UK by the end of the year. The new Xbox 360 Slim console went on sale last Friday and has already been sold out at a number of retail outlets.

Some retailers like Argos are heavily discounting the gaming console by offering a number of games in order to boost sales.