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Nintendo 3DS Rumoured For March 2011 Launch

Nintendo is set to launch its 3DS handheld games console in the UK by March 2011, reports suggest.

According to a news report published by gaming website VG247, Nintendo is meeting retailers in the UK to set the stage for the release of its upcoming 3DS.

However, when contacted by VG247, Nintendo suggested that the information was false.

“That’s rumour and speculation as we’ve not announced any date for 3DS,” said Nintendo.

Rumours suggest that the 3DS will be on sale in both Japan and the US before Christmas, but UK retailers believe that the device will not be on sale in Europe before next year.

Speaking to MCV, head of entertainment for Best Buy UK Mark Spence said: “It was a real wow moment when we first held the 3DS, but unfortunately I don’t think we will see it this year.”

Asda's head of games, Andrew Thompson, said that it was unlikely that Europe would see the console before the new year.

He said: "UK retail will be holding its breath hoping for a 2010 3DS release to deliver a much-needed boost to hardware sales."

“In reality it may be that stock will be built for the US and Japan markets before we see 3DS in Europe.”