Sharp Announces 100GB Bluray Disk

Sharp has upped the ante in the media storage arena by announcing the launch of a 100GB Blu-ray disk called VR-100BR that is not compatible with existing Blu-ray players and will cost up to $60 each.

New recorders will have to be purchased in order to be able to read the new discs, the first that sport the BDXL storage factor, one that can go up to 128GB.

The disks - which have up to four non-recordable layers - can store up to 12 hours of terrestrial digital TV or 8.6 hours worth of satellite quality digital recording.

The prices of the two new Aquos recorders - the BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 - have not been announced yet but one can expect them to be in the lower four digit bracket.

Sharp will be initially launching the platform in Japan only on the 30th of July with no details as to whether the technology will be sold to other countries.

Sharp however will have a tough time trying to sell the disks which cost as much as a 1TB hard disk drive and do not offer the same level of flexibility.