Shops Could Soon Use Face Recognition, Says US Entrepreneur

American entrepreneur Mark Cuban has hinted at a 'Minority Report'-like future, in which computer software could recognise the users entering a high-street shop and offer them special discounts and personalised services.

The owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks, wrote on his blog that stores could soon install facial recognition software to identify customers by using their social networking profiles and photos, or by using their mobile devices via a similar method to the check-in service offered by Foursquare.

He said: “Of course there would be a battle over whether or not a store or venue should be ‘opt in’ vs automated recognition, but that’s not a software issue. The reality is that it solves ‘the path of least resistance’ issue with check-ins for location-based software."

"Individuals never do any of the work. The store/host recognises you are there and rewards you for allowing your identity and information to be captured and linked. If Amazon can ‘welcome us back’ and offer us personalised specials, why shouldn’t brick-and-mortar establishments?”

Cuban also said he had invested in a technology start-up company which creates software that counts exactly how many people there are in a specific area, and can be used in determining traffic patterns or for security surveillance.

He said:"The next extension is to install it in places where we can add facial recognition software. So rather than someone checking in to a specific application, we would already know you are there."