Symbian^4 Screenshots Leaked Over Internet

Screenshots of Nokia's newest operating system, Symbian^4, have been leaked, tech news site Softpedia reported on Monday.

Symbian^4, an operating system designated by Nokia for use on its mid-ranged devices, has been built on QT and Orbit to allow software developers to build applications for the platform quickly and aims to bring an improved and easier user experience.

The screenshots, which have appeared on the official page of Symbian Foundations open community, clearly show the story of evolution of the operating system over the years.

Symbian originally started as a non-touchscreen OS to a complete touchscreen operating systems.

The screenshots depict more contemporary, clean and mess-free home screens, newly-designed widgets and a friendly basic display page and include new features such as app folders, pop-up menus, and a numeric touchscreen keypad.

Nokia expects to deliver first shipment of Symbian^4-based mobile phones as early as 2011 and have the new operating system working by the end of this year.