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Times Online Audience Down 90% Says Guardian

Bean counters at the Grauniad have extracted a set of secondary data from the original set released by Experian Hitwise and have come to the conclusion that the Times and Sunday Times have lost up to 90 per cent of their online readership compared to February.

Josh Halliday (opens in new tab) provides with a comprehensive analysis of the data set and says that traffic going to the registration website could be as low as 84800, which is 1.06 per cent of the total UK newspaper traffic. reader Malcolm Coles (opens in new tab) estimates that the number of people paying to access the Times website now is 46154 a day by comparing the number of comments on the Times and the Guardian and sticking by some assumptions.

It will be difficult to get down to the actual figures not least because (a) Rupert Murdoch has pulled the Times out of ABCe and (b) there are actually five levels of subscription (iPad, paid for printed, free trial, £1 per day, £2 per week) where a set number of users could be at any time.

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