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UK iPhone Users To Get Dragon Speech Apps

Software maker Nuance has unveiled its Dragon speech-to-text applications for iPhone users in the UK.

The Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation applications are set to be available in the UK as a free download from Apple's iTunes Store, but Nuance is planning a large marketing campaign to showcase the capabilities of the advanced, premium versions of the software.

Reuters reports that the Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation iPhone apps, which are already available for free in the US, will be soon offered on the UK version of the store.

Nuance applications have already been downloaded 3.7 million times in the US.

Dragon Search for iPhone will allow users to perform web searches by simply speaking words to the phone instead of typing. The application allows users to conduct voice searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter and the iTunes store.

The Dragon Dictation application will allow users to record 30 seconds of spoken words, which can be then converted into text to be sent as an e-mail or SMS message.