UK iPhones to get free speech to text App

UK Apple fans users frustrated at the lack of speech recognition software for their iPhones and iPads will be pleased to know that speech-to-text pioneer Dragon has submitted two offerings to the UK iTunes App Store.

American users have long been able to use Dragon's software on their iDevices, and it now looks like the UK will be able to ditch the on-screen keyboard in favour of some speech recognition goodness.

Dragon Dictate will make a fist of turning your babbling into into written words and can then send them as a text message, email or copy them to the clipboard.

The contents of the clipboard can then be dropped in to any app which allows copy and paste functionality.

The company reckons the software can work five times faster than stabbing at the on-screen keyboard with fat fingers, but anyone who has used speech recognition software in the past could be forgiven for being a bit sceptical.

Dragon Search will throw your spoken words at Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, iTunes, YouTube and Twitter - or any combination of those - and give you search results.

If the apps make it through the Apple selection process they'll be available for free for an unspecified period before the end of July, but it's not clear if or when the outfit will start charging.

Both apps have been available on the US version of iTunes for some months now, and we envisage that they may remain free as a marketing tool for the company's full-blown software for the foreseeable future.

It's not clear why Dragon has been so reluctant to enter the UK market, but it may have something to do with UK accents.

Gor blimey guv'nor. We speak English right proper, innit?