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The world's first 3D camcorder

You can enjoy the excitement of 3D TV and Blu-ray movies in your home right now, thanks to Panasonic's TX-P50VT20B and TX-P42VT20B 3D plasma Full HD TVs and DMP-BDT300EG 3D Blu-ray player – but the experts at Panasonic's 3D research labs are already hard at work, looking ahead to what comes next.

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Later this year, Panasonic plans to launch the world's first 3D camcorder, the AG-3DA1. This groundbreaking professional movie camera will make it easier to capture content in 3D.

The AG-3DA1 combines twin lenses into a single lightweight body, and captures frames sequentially on a pair of 32GB SD cards that can store up to 30 hours of full HD footage.

The 2.8kg camera replaces existing systems that use a pair of traditional cameras mounted in parallel on cumbersome rigs with separate recorders for each 'eye', and brings down the cost of producing professional-level 3D content.

So you can look forward to even more 3D content coming to your screens!