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Adobe To Develop New Reader Security Tools

Adobe Systems is developing a new security tool for its Acrobat Reader program.

The company has announced that Reader will soon be integrated with a new sandbox feature that will protect the application from an increasing number of malware attacks.

The Acrobat Reader sand box will run the PDF reader in a separate, restrictive environment, keeping all other files on the computer detached from the application, so reducing the risk of a computer system being affected by a malware attack.

The Adobe Reader Protection Mode is designed on the model used for the sand box protection tools in Google's Chrome web browser and Microsoft Office 2010.

Writing on the Adobe blog, Brad Arkin, Adobe's director of product security wrote: “Even if an exploitable security vulnerability is found by an attacker, Adobe Reader Protected Mode will help prevent the attacker from writing files, changing registry keys or installing malware on potential victims’ computers.”

“We've done everything we can to build the walls of that sandbox as tall as possible,” Arkin said.