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Adobe Unveils Flash Time Video Calling For Android

Adobe has hit back at iPhone maker Apple by unveiling its Flash Time application for Google's Android platform.

FlashTime will allow users of Android-based devices that have front-facing cameras to make video calls, like Apple's FaceTime application for the iPhone 4.

The application uses the cross-platform Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 2.5 platform. Unlike Apple's Face Time, though, users of Flash Time will be able to conduct text chats during a video call.

Adobe developer and creator of Flash Time, Mark Doherty, warned that some of the features demoed in the beta version might not make it to the final application.

He also said that the name of the application will be changed before its release.

Doherty said: “‘Flash Time’ is obviously a working title, and the code isn’t exactly stable so I don’t want to release it just yet. I hope I can finish it by next week, by which time it will have a name – suggestions welcome.”

Adobe and Apple have been trading blows since Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched a campaign against Adobe's Flash, claiming that the platform was full of vulnerabilities which affected the stability of computer systems. Jobs later banned Flash from its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.