Apple banks $4 billion despite iPhone 4 troubles

Despite the tech news industry's best efforts, Apple has reported yet another record quarter boosted by the iPad and iPhone.

The Cupertino company reported revenue of $15.7 billion in the fiscal quarter ending 26 June, a huge leap from the $9.73 billion it raked in during the same period last year. Net profit was £3.25 billion compared to $1.83 billion last year.

The quarter was always going to be a big one for Apple as it included the launch of the iPad, which went on to sell 3.27 million units globally and accounted for more than half of the outfit's total revenue.

Apple also sold 8.4 million iPhones even though lots of important people who had never used one said they didn't work properly on their web sites.

The company said it had generated more than $4 billion in cash during the past quarter.

The summer quarter probably won't be quite so peachy for Apple because the company is having to shell out for millions of cases to sticky-fingered iPhone 4 users.

Steve Jobs also said that more people were buying Macs than ever before and hinted that the company had more new products in the pipeline for later this year.