Apple Q3 Results Reveal Astonishing 44 Percent Rise In iPad Sales

270,000 Apple iPad have been sold between the 22nd and the 26th of June 2010 inclusive according to data gathered from yesterday's Apple's third quarter results and a press release published on the 22nd of June in which Apple said it had sold three million iPad units in 80 days.

Using these figures, we can infer that 54,000 iPad units were sold on average every day which compares very favourably with 37,500 units sold daily in the first 80 days, 34,000 units sold daily in the first 59 days and 35,700 units sold daily in the first 28 days.

So what account for that steep rise in the sales of iPad tablets over those five days - a 44 per cent spike? We're not sure. Preoders in other countries had already started in the nine additional countries and territories where the iPad will be launched this Friday.

Even using the lowest of the averages above, Apple should very comfortably sell more than 10 million units in the first year of operation. In comparison, the original iPhone sold half of that over the same period.