Google Apps Gets New User Policy Management Tool

Google has added a User Policy Management feature to its Google Apps service.

The new tools allows IT administrators to group users in terms of which Google Apps they're allowed access to.

The company wrote on the official Google Enterprise blog that administrators will be able to create a sort of user directory, allowing them to more easily manage application use in their organisation.

Adam Dawes, Google Apps Product Manager, explained on the blog that administrators will be able to form organisational groups comprising of Google Apps users, making it easy for them to decide which applications are available to which users.

The company also explained that organisations will be able to test applications among a selected group users before making them available to everybody else.

Mayooran Rajan, chief technology officer at IT consultant Revevol, told Google: “The new user policy management feature helps us tailor Google Apps and provide businesses with granular control for each department within their company.”