Google Inks Wind Power Deal

Google has signed a 20 year agreement to buy power from an Iowa wind farm.

The 114 megawatts of energy the search giant purchases from NextEra Energy Resources will be used to power several of Google's data centres and will aid the company in fulfilling its promise of becoming carbon neutral.

Google explained that the deal not only resulted in the company taking responsibility for its own carbon emissions, but that it also secured the future of NextEra by allowing it to focus on expanding the production of power using renewable resources from the steady flow of cash it will get for the next 20 years.

Writing on the Google blog, Urs Hoelzle, the senior vice president of operations with Google, wrote: “We just completed a substantial 20-year green Power Purchase Agreement that allows us to take responsibility for our footprint and foster true growth in the renewable energy sector."

"On July 30 we will begin purchasing the clean energy from 114 megawatts of wind generation at the NextEra Energy Resources Story County II facility in Iowa at a predetermined rate for 20 years. Incorporating such a large amount of wind power into our portfolio is tricky, but this power is enough to supply several data centres."