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Google ups the ante for elite bug hunters

Following in the footsteps of Mozilla, Google has increased the bounty on bugs for its Chrome browser.

In an effort no doubt to amuse the terminally nerdy, Google has set the upper limit of its Chromium Security Rewards to $3,133.7 - leet geek-speak for 'elite', if you were wondering.

"It has been approximately six months since we launched the Chromium Security Reward program," said spokesgoogle Chris Evans. "Although still early days, the program has been a clear success. We have been notified of numerous bugs, and some of the participants have made it clear that it was the reward program that motivated them to get involved with Chromium security."

Truly elite security reasearchers (that's hackers to the rest of us) don't, of course, do it for the money, and they are free to donate the filthy lucre to charity should they so wish.

Most bugs will still only attract a $500 bounty and it's only really nasty holes with a SecSeverity Critical rating which will earn the big bucks.