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Google Ups Bug-Finding Bounty To $3,133

Google has increased the maximum cash reward for finding a security bug on its Chrome web browser to $3,133.

The move follows an announcement by rival browser maker Mozilla that it had raised its own cash reward to $3,000.

Google's Chromium Security Reward scheme offers cash to security researchers who find and report critical security bugs in the company's Chrome web browsers. Six months old, the programme has been labelled a "clear success" by Google.

Writing on the company's Chromium blog, Google's Chris Evans wrote: “Factors indicating a high-quality bug report might include a careful test case reduction, an accurate analysis of root cause, or productive discussion towards resolution.”

The company said that the highest amount will be paid to the finder of the most critical bugs on the web browser, and that the increased amount reflected the fact that it was not easy for security vulnerabilities to crawl past the Chromium sandbox.

The base reward for finding flaws in Google's Chrome browser is $500.