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Kinect Players May Require 6ft Of Space published a list of requirements for prospective Kinect players and apart from the fact that they will need a Kinect compatible game, an Xbox 360 console and the Kinect itself, they apparently need to be 6 feet (around 183cm) away from their television.

The details which are published on (opens in new tab), may well prove to be an impediment for those looking to buy one given that those who have a tiny lounge may well skip it altogether.

It is unlikely though that the limit is hard coded and we suppose that it is more a matter of common sense given that you're more likely to hit your television set or fall and hurt yourself if you are nearer to it.

There's also the fact that the Kinect may need to see the whole of players, to make sense of their position. Being too near to the captors might confuse the system.

The Kinect will go on sale in November in the UK for £130 and the cheapest bundle, made up of a 4GB Xbox 360 slim gaming console, will cost around £250, significantly more than the Nintendo Wii.

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