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MacPaint Source Code Donated To Computer History Museum

The original source code for vintage computer program MacPaint has been released for download by the Computer History Museum in California.

Developed by programmer Bill Atkinson, MacPaint was released in 1984 for Apple's first Macintosh computer.

According to Businessweek, MacPaint's legacy can be seen in the development of other paint programs including Adobe's Photoshop, which still uses the lasso tool for selecting non-rectangular shapes.

MacPaint was donated to the museum by Apple after receiving a personal request from former Mac developer Andy Hertzfeld, who was in turn asked by Stanford University computer science professor Don Knuth if he had the source code of the program.

Hertzfeld had a difficult time convincing Apple to release the source code for research purposes. It was only after a personal meeting with Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Hertzfeld was able to secure the source code for the museum.

Apple has also donated the source code for its QuickDraw program, which provided the bit-map graphics for MacPaint program.

Both programs can be downloaded here.