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Microsoft To Introduce Hardcore Kinect Games In 2012

Microsoft has confirmed that they are targeting casual gamers first and foremost after they announced that they will be launching hard core Kinect Games in 2012, 18 months from now.

Speaking to industry news outlet, Microsoft EMEA vice president, Chris Lewis said that the software giant will aim the Kinect at a broader audience with non-hardcore gamers characteristics; young, older, female and family-oriented.

He said that during that period, there will be "more of these hybrid experiences...where you can complement what might ostensibly be a controller-based experience with gestures, voice and physical movement".

Kinect was demoed more than a year ago which means that between the time it was unveiled as Project Natal and the time when core Xbox 360 gamers will be able to use it, around two and a half years will have passed.

And PC World is spot on when the website identifies that they haven't been able to figure out how to make the Kinect appeal to more traditional gamers which contribute the most to Microsoft's bottom line.

The Kinect will go on sale in November with a suggested retail price of £130 and the cheapest bundle costing as much as £250, a 50 percent premium over the Nintendo Wii.