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Is Microsoft Kinect's £130 Price Too Expensive?

Microsoft announced that the official suggested retail price of the Kinect, its next generation motion controller, will stand at £130, a price that includes one game.

And as Matt Peckham form PC World (opens in new tab) puts it, Kinect could well have an identity problem, a serious one because it appeared to be aimed at casual gamers and hardcore game maniacs at the same time.

In other words, the majority of Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 players at the same time. New gamers will have to fork out £250 to get a cut-down version of the Xbox 360 Slim and the Kinect which is a whopping £85 more than the Nintendo Wii, a tough proposition given the fact that the Japanese console has already proven its worth when it comes to casual gamers.

Oh and you'd have to add a yearly Xbox Live subscription to get the most of the package. Sure, the Nintendo Wii doesn't pack as much of a punch compared to the Xbox 360 Slim but non hardcore gamers wouldn't care.

Microsoft will have to come up with killer games that will justify an investment, something that they surely must be working on.

In the end, Microsoft has to move away from hardcore gamers and entice a more casual audience to jump onboard the Xbox 360 bandwagon if it wants to catch up on the Nintendo Wii.

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