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MOG Mobile Music App Available On iPhone & Android

Yet another mobile music streaming service has been launched on the iPhone and the Android platform; MOG is now available for both with unlimited music, on desktops and mobiles for $9.99, from a catalogue of more than 8 million songs.

While it is not available in the UK yet, MOG offers some very interesting features. Users will be able to download any song or album directly from their handsets rather than stream it over the air, something that can not only consume bandwidth resources but also depends on network availability.

MOG also has introduced a music discovery engine that pulls together similar artists based on the user's taste and existing playlist.

It is also possible to switch between resource-saving 64kbps downloads and higher quality 320kbps ones. iPhone OS 4 will have to wait until later this year to get their hands on a multi-tasking version of the application.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep the music you download for free when you stop using the service. In comparison, Microsoft's Zune mobile music service which is expected to be launched towards the end of the year allows you to keep up to 10 tracks per month. Unfortunately, it is only available on Windows Phone 7.

Cnet found out a few nagging problems like the fact that you can't add songs to the listening queue on the fly - MOG automatically plays the ones you've add rather than continuing to play your selection.