News@5: Pirate ISP Launched, Apple's Profits & MacPaint Source Code Donated To The Computes History Museum

The Swedish Pirate Party has launched its own broadband internet service provider, the Pirate ISP. The company has been created to protect users of file-sharing sites from being hounded by authorities for allegedly beaching copyright laws, and will allow users to browse the web anonymously.

A lawyer for Mark Zuckerberg has admitted the Facebook founder did have a contract with a man who claims to own 84 per cent of the social networking platform.

The original source code for vintage computer program MacPaint has been released for download by the Computer History Museum in California. Developed by programmer Bill Atkinson, MacPaint was released in 1984 for Apple's first Macintosh computer.

Market analyst Juniper has predicted that around 25 billion mobile applications will be downloaded from online app stores by 2015. The company said that just 2.6 billion had been downloaded in 2009.

Apple has reported a 78 per cent rise in year-on-year profits for the second quarter of 2010, reaching £2.1 billion ($3.25 billion), despite the iPhone 4 antenna debacle.