Pirate-Friendly ISP Launched In Sweden

The Swedish Pirate Party has launched its own broadband internet service provider, the Pirate ISP.

The company has been created to protect users of file-sharing sites from being hounded by authorities for allegedly beaching copyright laws, and will allow users to browse the web anonymously. Profits from the enterprise will help fund the party's campaigning.

In a statement to tech blog TorrentFreak, Gustav Nipe, the CEO of Pirate ISP and a long-time member of the Pirate Party, said: “The Pirate ISP is needed in different ways. One is to compete with other ISPs, let them fight more for our internet. If they don't behave there will always be someone else taking their share.”

TorrentFreak reported that the company will begin the beta testing of the service in the city of Lund in Sweden, before eventually expanding to other parts of the country.

Users will be provided with a cloak of anonymity by privacy tech company ViaEuropa. The Pirate ISP will not keep a log of users' surfing habits, and will refuse to cooperate with the government if it asks for user data.