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Vodafone Google Nexus One gets Android 2.2

Vodafone in the UK has confirmed in an email they will soon be rolling out the update to Android for their Nexus Ones, according to the technology website Android Central.

The update that brings in the ability to natively view flash video content on the Nexus One, which has been with the USA Google handset owners for some time could be arriving in the UK anytime now.

However, it appears some of the States side version of Froyo on the HTC phone made for Google won't be available. Stripped from the UK roll out of Android 2.2 is access to the Amazon MP3 store, along with Google Goggles that allows users to take pictures with their phone and then search the web with those images.

The letter goes on to mention updating over WIFI would be the best way forward, even though customers will be notified over the air (OTA) of its arrival. Seeing as the download could be on the large size, this is preferable as the data plan sold with the Nexus One will certainly be eaten away if downloaded any other way.

No mentioned of whether WIFI or USB tethering have been taken out, but we suspect they will be in tact along with the Flash video ability which effectively brings the handset on par with the HTC Desire.

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