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3 Things Facebook Need To Do To Reach One Billion Users

Facebook is only 80 months old and already it has managed to reach 500 million active users, a fantastic feat that no other technology websites, not even Google, has managed to achieve hitherto.

However, there are signs that Facebook's rate of growth is slightly slowing. It took 225 days for it to double its size to 200 million back in April 2009.

It then took only 160 days to reach 300 million and 143 days to reach the next 400 million. However, the next milestone was reached in 166 days, that's 10 percent slower than for the previous 100 million. Whether this is a glitch rather than something more serious remains to be seen.

Facebook will need to expand on other platforms like television or mobile, using platform-centric user interfaces and adapting to the audience. Speaking of audiences, Facebook ought to increase the number of languages it currently supports as well; it currently supports 70 languages.

The next thing Facebook needs to do is introduce more killer applications; gaming, videos & chat were one, VoIP might well be another one where it could derive some serious revenues - the site currently relies on third party applications.