37 States Join Google Street View Probe

The Attorney-General of Connecticut has said that 37 states have joined the probe he launched into the collection of Wi-Fi data by Google Street View cars, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

The investigation will look into whether privacy laws were broken when Google collected personal data from unsecured wireless networks in the course of taking pictures for its Street View service.

The team of 38 members, led by Connecticut Attorney-General Richard Blumenthal, has sent a letter to Google asking the company to provide information on how the Street View software system stores its data.

Blumenthal has also asked Google to test its software, and to explain how the unauthorised data is had been used by the company.

"We are asking Google to identify specific individuals responsible for the snooping code and how Google was unaware that this code allowed the Street View cars to collect data broadcast over Wi-Fi networks," said Blumenthal.

Although Google has publicly apologised for its mistake and promised to work with regulators and governments of various countries to sort out the issue, the company continues to face allegations from around the world.