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A plaster for your iPhone 4 cures signal problems

An American company has produced a plaster or band-air for the iPhone 4 that covers up the gap in-between the two parts of the case, which if connected results in a signal loss. sells these band-aids in 6 different colours, all for $4.95 + packaging just in case you can no longer wait for your free case from Apple themselves.

The website states these Antenn-aids are precision engineered and when placed over the lower corner may improve performance, with a disclaimer mentioning it's really only made for entertainment purposes.

There are even statements on the site such as "Ben

Franklin would approve" and "it has colours the human retina would see", referring and making light of the high-resolution retina display of the iPhone 4.

When we first found out about the cases on offer as a result of Apple's admission over the signal issues, we said these cases "effectively put a fairly literal plaster over the problem" - Antenn-aid is literally that plaster for the problem.

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