Apple Adds Nokia N97 Mini To 'Death Grip' Website

Apple has added Nokia’s N97 mini to its list of smartphones affected by poor antenna performance when held, tech news site Mac Observer has reported.

The iPhone maker has uploaded the new video to highlight the Nokia N97 mini’s susceptibility to the 'death grip'. According to the video, signal bars in the phone drop from eight to two in less than one minute when the internal antenna is covered.

Apple created the new web page to show that transmission and reception in a mobile phone do not follow any standard pattern, and that the so-called 'death grip' issue - when phones lose reception if held in a certain way - affects the entire smartphone industry.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was slammed by rival phone manufacturers for suggesting that the iPhone 4's antenna issues affect all phones.

Jobs developed the page to support his argument following the 'Antennagate' press conference held at Apple's Cupertino headquarters on 18 July.

Nokia has responded to the video, stating that the way a phone is held can affect signal performance, but that the company works hard to ensure that its antennas are placed in areas least likely to be affected by a user's hand.