Apple Gets New VP Of Operations Amidst Quality Control Issues

Jeff Williams has been appointed as senior vice president of operations, a clear indication that the technology company means business amidst a long period of scrutiny following the number of QC related iPhone 4 issues.

Williams joined Apple back in 2000 from IBM and was Apple's head of worldwide procurement during the days which saw the launch of the iPod; he was then chosen as the VP of operations from 2004. According to Apple Insider who broke the news, Williams will be the one in charge of making sure that Apple products are of the highest quality standards.

The company's latest flagship product, the iPhone 4, has been hit by a number of issues related to its proximity sensor, dropped calls, a flawed signal display algorithm and a number of small but irritating mishaps.

But there may be another reason for the nomination of Jeff Williams as SVP of operations; the man might be groomed to be the step-in replacement for Tim Cook, the current COO at Apple. The latter is widely viewed as the man who will replace Apple's iconic Steve Jobs when he chooses to retire.