Google Disputes FTC Plan For Journalism

Google has questioned a US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "Discussion Draft" proposing a clampdown on new aggregators, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

The Discussion Draft, which was issued in May, proposed the introduction of legislation to limit news aggregators, as well as considering the idea of tax breaks and anti-trust exemptions for other news companies.

Google, on Wednesday, responded to the paper with a 20-page document stating that “business problems require business solutions”, not regulation.

The search giant said that no one can lay exclusive claim to facts, and rejected outright the notion that journalism needs government help to thrive.

Writing on the Google Public Policy blog, Google’s director of public policy Pablo Chavez explained: "We agree that the Internet has posed challenges as well as opportunities for publishers. Google works closely with publishers to find business solutions so journalism can thrive online, and we're optimistic about the news industry's future."