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Google Invests $4.5 Million In SEM Trada

Google Ventures, the search giant's investment arm, has announced it is to fund search marketing start-up Trada, the New York Times has reported.

Google Ventures led the third round of investments in Trada with a stake of $4.5 million in the company, along with an additional $1.25 million added by local investor Foundry Group.

Foundry Group has previously invested $2.2 million in the company.

Trada helps small and medium businesses purchase advertisements using 'crowdsourcing' - banding together to take advantage of economies of scale. It aids small organisations with a budget between $5,000 to $50,000 per month to work with industry experts on running their search-based advertising campaigns.

"I’m thrilled that Google Ventures sees the value of Trada’s marketplace as a model to allow businesses and agencies to successfully run paid search campaigns. For almost two years now this team has kicked some serious butt,” said Neil Robertson, founder and chief executive of Trada.

"We’ve probably compressed more ‘startupping’ into 2 years than most startups experience in 4,” he added.