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Google Nexus One sold out

Google has sold out of their own branded Nexus One Android handsets, where the webstore selling the mobile phone has also closed up shop.

Earlier this week we brought you news that Google will no longer be retailing its own SIM free and unlocked mobile phone, after the current shipment arriving this week runs out - well, now that has happened.

The HTC handset made for the Internet search engine giant is no more, with no more being ordered or requested by Google.

Vodafone in the UK is still selling the handset on a contract, but when those supplies run out they will be in the same proverbial boat as Google's own webstore and will close up shop on retailing the phone too.

Google has made it clear they will continue to support the Nexus One, along with its partner mobile phone companies that have sold the handset but for how long, and through how many generations of Android is unclear.

Either way the first ever Google branded handset was seen as a success by the company, where its own CEO called it just that and they were pleased with the way things have gone.

Perhaps there will be another Google phone on the horizon, although we will have to waiting until Las Vegas' CES in January or Barcelona's Mobile World congress 2011 to find out.


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