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IBM Unveils zEnterprise Mainframe

IBM has unveiled its new 'zEnterprise' mainframe computer.

The company claims the system is faster and more cost-effective than previous mainframes.

According to news agency Reuters, the company said that the newly launched mainframe system is between 40 and 60 per cent faster than its older System z10, but uses almost the same amount of electricity, allowing the zEnterprise to offer high performance at low running costs.

In a statement to Reuters, Tom Rosamilia, IBM's head of the 'z' mainframes business line, said: “The zEnterprise really helps them to reduce their footprint so they can avoid building out a new data centre for real estate or power reasons.”

The company said that the new mainframe will allow organisations to cope with today's increasing workload of data and financial information.

IBM competitors, including HP and Oracle, have also moved into the 'big' data centre segment in order to meet rising demand for larger data management systems.