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Microsoft gives away mobile phones to all employees

Microsoft has announced they will be furnishing every member of their staff with a new Windows Phone 7 based handset, when the mobile phone OS is ready to ship before Christmas this year.

The information came from a tweet by a Microsoft marketing person that was then retweeted by a ZDNet journalist, which mentions all 90,000 Microsoft employees will be equipped with a mobile running Windows Phone 7.

This initial information came from the company's Microsoft Global Exchange sales event, where this news was welcomed by all members of Microsoft staff as a thank you for a job well done.

The move will be seen by some as a most definite way to get exposure for your latest product, whilst at the same time assuring the buying public confidence within that product that Microsoft most certainly has.

Microsoft recently confirmed the list of companies that will be running Windows Phone 7 on their mobiles, which are Asus, Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung - although no news yet as to what handsets will be passed out to all members of Microsoft staff.


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