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Microsoft May Slash Kinect Price In 2011

The CEO of gaming powerhouse, Codemaster, Rod Cousens, has said that Microsoft may well cut the price of the Kinect in 2011 if there is a need for it.

Talking to CVG, he pointed out that the fact that Microsoft has already bundled a game - Kinect Adventures - with the peripheral means that it may well choose to cut the price of the Kinect to less than £100 in the future.

He added that ""The price point will doubtless have been researched and influenced by the timing of release and the anticipated achievable volume from the Xbox 360 devotees who will want to be first in line for the latest offering".

The Kinect was officially launched in the UK yesterday and carries a suggested retail price of £130 while a bundled offer which consists of the Kinect with a cut down version of the Xbox 360 Slim and a game will cost £250.

Unlike the original version of the Xbox 360, it is unlikely that Microsoft is selling either at a loss which may be excellent for the profitability/bottom line of the division but may hamper any probability of a quick sell.

There are fears that the Kinect might just be too expensive for the audience that it is targeting (casual gamers), especially when the Nintendo Wii costs 30 percent less and has a wider user base.