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Microsoft outs Windows Phone 7 partners

Microsoft has listed the five mobile phone manufacturers who will be churning out Windows Phone 7-compliant handsets later this year.

Microsoft's Greg Sullivan has told Pocket Lint that we can expect to see hardware from Dell, Asus, LG, HTC and Samsung some time before Christmas.

Dell and HTC were always in the frame and some of the tech demos we have seen have been on Samsung hardware, so Asus and LG are the only new names in the hat.

Microsoft has promised to give a nice new Winphone 7 (as we have just decided to name it) handset to every one of its 90,000 staff worldwide, so at least it won't be wasting too much cash creating a complete no-hoper like the ridiculous KIN which died at birth.

The list of technical requirements for Winphone 7 hardware is as follows:

Capacitive touch screen with four or more contact points
A-GPS, accelerometer, light and proximity sensors
5-megapixel or better camera with flash and hard shutter button
Codec acceleration for multimedia
256MB or more of RAM, 8GB or more of flash memory
GPU with DirectX 9 acceleration
ARM v7 Cortex, Scorpion or better CPU
FM radio tuner
Dedicated back, start, search, camera and power buttons

First impressions of the new OS seem to be reasonably positive but the lack of multitasking and copy/paste functionality have got most reviewers in a tizzy.

Once again it looks like Microsoft is coming to the party two years late and didn't bother to get in touch with the other guests to see what they were wearing.