New Skype iPhone App - With Free 3G

Skype has updated its iPhone application to include support for the new iOS 4, adding multitasking and improved call quality.

The company also announced that it has dropped plans to charge for making calls over the 3G network. It is believed that Skype had received enough negative feedback from users to force the U-turn.

Skype's Peter Parkes said that “we no longer have plans to charge a supplement to make calls over 3G.”

Writing on the Skype blog, the company said that the update will bring the iOS 4's multitasking capabilities to the application, allowing users to receive calls while working with another application or on the handset's home screen.

The company explained that “during a call, you can keep the conversation going while you switch to another task, such as checking a movie listing or reading an email.”

Skype also said that app's updated graphics will make full use of the iPhone 4's Retina Display, and that an audio tweak "allows you to make calls with high quality sound". No further details of either improvement were provided.