News@10: Lenovo LePad, HP Slate 500 & Second Life Town Hall Scrapped

Taiwanese computer manufacturer Lenovo has unveiled a tablet computer based on Google's Android operating system. Provisionaly named the LePad, the device is scheduled for launch by the end of the year.

Microsoft has confirmed that they are targeting casual gamers first and foremost after they announced that they will be launching hard core Kinect Games in 2012, 18 months from now.

Facebook now has 500 million users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday Writing on the Facebook blog, Zuckerberg wrote that more than 500 million users were registered with the website,

The Tameside Council in Greater Manchester has scraped the £36,000 virtual town hall on online computer game Second Life, after only one year. Council IT bosses said the initiative was scrapped as they were unable to "justify the costs".

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has listed the Windows 7 HP Slate 500 tablet device on its company website, confirming reports that the 'Slate' device may still be in development.