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News@5: Dell's Infected Servers, Orkut's Brazilian Probe & Microsoft Scraps Cross-Platform Gaming

Dell has admitted that its PowerEdge R410 server motherboards have been infected with malware. According to the statement issued by Dell, malware has infected all four PowerEdge servers - R310, R410, R510, and T410.

Apple has added Nokia’s N97 mini to its list of smartphones affected by poor antenna performance when held. According to the video, signal bars in the phone drop from eight to two in less than one minute when the internal antenna is covered.

Google's social network Orkut is being investigated by Brazilian state prosecutors ver allegations of paedophilia, defamation and false identity.

Microsoft has scrapped plans to allow cross-platform gaming between its Xbox 360 console and PCs. The company had previously experimented with the idea in its 'Shadowrun' first person shooter, and had planned to make games like Gears of War and Unreal compatible with both console and PC

The Attorney-General of Connecticut has said that 37 states have joined the probe he launched into the collection of Wi-Fi data by Google Street View cars. The investigation will look into whether privacy laws were broken when Google collected personal data from unsecured wireless networks.