Skype Launches Click & Call Advertising

Skype has rolled out its 'Click & Call' advertising platform, allowing advertisers to pick up the tab for customers' calls to their phone numbers using Skype.

The company said that the service will be powered by call advertising company Marchex, who will help Skype to manage, operate and sell the Click & Call platform.

Skype said that participating advertisers will be able to highlight their listed number with a blue 'Free Call', button allowing Skype users to make calls to the advertisers without being charged.

Currently, the platform is not available for Macintosh and mobile versions of Skype.

Andy Sims, Skype's director of advertising, said: "Working together with Marchex, our objective for Click & Call Advertising with Skype supported by Marchex is to deliver a performance advertising tool that turns the Web surfing behavior of Skype users into calls to advertisers."

“Businesses will now have the opportunity to acquire potential new customers by using Skype in a highly efficient and measureable way. The experience is also beneficial for Skype users because it's fast, convenient and the calls are free.”