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Skype on the iPhone 4, now with multitasking

Skype has released the latest application for the iPhone 4 to take advantage of its multitasking abilities, whilst also announcing at the same time there will be no surcharge levy for 3G calling.

The iPhone 4 version of Skype will also be available to other devices that now run iOS 4, such as the iPhone 3GS and the more recent iPod Touch devices as the application uses the multitasking environment of the new operating system.

All of which means the communications software can be run in the background, waiting for a call or a message whilst the phone is used for other tasks and even when the phone is locked, the app is still active.

Skype's multitasking abilities do not stop there, as it's now possible to switch to another application whilst keeping the conversation alive - according to information supplied by the company.

Previously it appears Skype has charged a fee for making calls over 3G, from when it was first possible back in May, where they announced today this will be waved in order to increase call time as well as the frequency of calls. Skype is aware of the high fee most are paying for data tariffs too, where slapping on an extra fee isn't entirely fair.

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