Toshiba Unveils SmartPad Protoype

Toshiba has shown off a prototype tablet PC, named the 'SmartPad'.

Toshiba's Australian general manager Mark Whittard unveiled the new prototype tablet device during a press conference down under this week.

The company is yet to decide whether to offer the SmartPad with a Windows 7 OS or the Android OS, but, the company recently revealed an Android-based netbook, the AC100, suggesting that the odds favour Google's Android.

Whittard said that the device will come with USB ports and HDMI support, both of which were distinctly lacking from Apple's iPad.

The SmartPad has been scheduled for an October release but Whittard said that there is still more work to be done on the device before it can be released.

Toshiba's SmartPad will join an increasingly competitive market, with rivals already queueing up to offer an alternative to Apple's iPad. These competitors include Dell's Android-based Streak mini-tablet, HP's webOS-based PalmPad, Lenovo's Android-based LePad and the Samsung Galaxy tablet.